About Norton-March Alumni Association

   The Association and Website was established in 2015 to recognize the Dedication, Duty and Honor of former and current Aircrew Members, and support Staff from those who served at Norton AFB, CA through it's closure in 1992, March AFB and March ARB, CA past and present. The Norton-March Aircrew Association, Inc. was established by past Aircrew Members of the 445 MAW & 452 AMW Aircrew, however we are open to any and all of those who served at Norton AFB & March Field, March AFB, and March ARB over the years. Based on this intent from day one to be inclusive, in 2017 our name was changed to the Norton-March Alumni Association to reflect our service. We honor and support all members, those who served in Operations as well as those in Supporting roles.

   Their have been several organized get-togethers (BBQ-Cookouts from 2010 and before) including a first more larger organized Reunion in 2012. We have made the commitment starting in 2012 to continue to bring former and current members together with a more formal Reunion (social gathering) every two years. Our objectives are to support and help rekindle friendships with not just the AES,  Tanker and Reconnaisance crews as well all support staff and other Organization members. Please pass on our Website & Information to anyone who may not know about us.

    We hope that you will join us in some capacity in our continuing supporting roles. As Service Members retire, leave service, or move on please pass on to them information on our Web pages for information and news of upcoming events. The NMAA is being set up as an ongoing support vehicle for current members of the 452nd AMW/163 AW, especially for those Crews that are still out there pounding the ramp and flying round the clock manning the Missions.

    Norton-March Alumni Association is now also a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, so please consider any possible tax donation as we start to assist those current Military members or Veterans and their families in their time of need.