ASSOCIATION - Mission & Vision


The mission of The Norton-March Alumni Association is to provide a forum for discussion of common issues among our alumni and offer a channel with the 452nd Air Mobility Wing, and other base organizations.



 The Norton-March Alumni Association will:

 1. Initiate programs and activities that meet the needs of our alumni, assist in  
     fund raising, recruitment, and respond to requests for assistance from the
     452nd Air Mobility Wing and its Tenant Organizations. 
 2. Will become a catalyst that will bring old members back to be part of current
 3. As part of a Bi-Annual Reunion on (odd number years), it will:
     a. Provide an opportunity for alumni to see what their unit is doing today, 
        allow alumni to get first hand information.    
     b. Allow alumni to provide that part of history and background that only they
    c. Provide a reunion with multi-events which enables an alumni ample
        opportunities to socialize and rekindle friendships and create new ones.
    d. Provide for support for a (even-number year) smaller BBQ-Reunion held
        on March ARB and possibly on busier UTA (non-exercise weekends), that
        will allow current Wing members an additional social gathering place with 

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