Our Bases

Our Bases:

The 'Our Bases' page of the Norton-March Aircrew Association History includes information as a link to the images. They include Fact Sheets or latest known fact sheets of our Bases, both Norton AFB, CA and March AFB/March ARB, CA. Norton was placed on the Department of Defense's base closure list in 1989 (the same year that the DoD signed the Federal Facilities Agreement with the EPA). The closure was cited as due to environmental wastes, inadequate facilities, and air traffic congestion (due to air traffic from Ontario International Airport, twenty miles (32 km) west, and Los Angeles International Airport, 60 miles (97 km) west). The last of the facilities on the base were closed in 1995.

With Norton's closure saw numerous other base closures, re-alignments, as well as the command restructuring within the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air Force Reserves, and Air National Guard. Wings, Squadrons, and Weapon Systems were also re-aligned, and moved, but to also prepare for the C-17 Globemaster coming on board the Air Force Inventory. March ARB, California was designated the 1st Air Force's 'Air Mobility Wing' combining both Tanker Aircraft (KC-135) with Airlift Aircraft (C-141 and eventually the C-17).

Norton AFB, California
(1941 - 1996)

March Field, California
(1917 - Present)

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Our Bases